Natalie James

Natalie James is an award-winning video producer and editor with a talent for creating partnerships with like-minded individuals in the interest of progress. She learned early on in her career the value of knowing a little bit about everything. Since her time at Rutgers University, she has traveled around the world filming movies, music videos, short films, commercials, social media content, weddings and many other types of content.

After spending 4 rewarding years teaching video production to children with special needs, she decided to fully immerse herself into creating video content that has a positive impact and uplifts the voices of marginalized groups of people. She spent some time fighting for equitable reproductive health care as a video producer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America and shifted towards the intersections of racial justice as the Director of Production at Color of Change.

Now, at McKenna Media, Natalie brings her unique blend of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the team, with a resolute goal of contributing to the creation of impactful content that drives successful campaigns. Her career has been all about harnessing the power of storytelling and collaborating in the name of meaningful change.