Supporting candidates for public office is at the heart of what we do. We help candidates shine on TV, radio, digital and social media, but also in the campaigns they run each and every day. After spending decades electing Democrats at every level of government and with our unmatched understanding of the political and media environment, we’ve been proud to help candidates up and down the ticket tell their stories — and win.

Deb Haaland

Having won her Congressional primary in the Democratic stronghold of Albuquerque, Deb will be the first Native American woman in Congress when she wins the November election.  Faced with nearly $2 million in outside money and candidate self-funding, Deb’s grassroots campaign focused on her personal story of fierce perseverance and determination.

Mayor Joyce Craig

McKenna Media was proud to work with Mayor Joyce Craig, a former alderwoman with an unparalleled work ethic for the people of Manchester, NH. Craig is the first woman Mayor of Manchester and the first Democratic Mayor in nearly 15 years. McKenna Media produced Craig’s TV spot, as well as digital videos, which highlighted the energy and excitement of her campaign.

Senate President Steve Sweeney
New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney turned to McKenna Media to fend off his biggest challenge ever in what became the most expensive legislative race in US history. McKenna Media zeroed in on Sweeney’s record of delivering results for South Jersey, highlighting his tireless work to improve the lives of working families, veterans, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Senator Kamala Harris

When then-Attorney General Kamala Harris threw her hat in the ring for the U.S. Senate, she had already proven herself as a champion for the people, scoring major victories for Californians against big banks, the oil lobby and drug traffickers.

Along with a tough as nails California campaign team, we helped lead Senator Harris to a dominant win through a series of ads that cut to the core of what made her such an effective fighter for Californians: Kamala Harris is fearless.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

It comes as no surprise to us at McKenna Media that our first client, Pete Buttigieg, has created innovative municipal programs that deliver results. We helped Mayor Pete, as he’s now known in South Bend, IN, during his first run for mayor in the city’s crowded Democratic primary. After helping him become the nation’s youngest mayor of a mid-size city, we’ve since worked with Mayor Buttigieg on his successful re-election campaign and his influential bid for DNC Chairman.

In this launch video for his DNC bid, we helped introduce Pete’s vision for the Democratic Party, one that puts the focus back on the people and leaders finding solutions in our local communities.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

In 2012, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter found herself at the top of the GOP target list, facing a strong challenge from a popular Republican county executive in a newly redrawn swing district. Despite over a million dollars in negative ads from groups linked to Karl Rove, Rep. Slaughter beat Maggie Brooks by 14 points.

Before she passed in 2018, Rep. Slaughter championed middle class families in Rochester and Monroe County.

Mayor Sheila Dixon

Following a challenging year of crises in Baltimore, the 2016 mayoral race galvanized the people of Baltimore to engage in critical conversations about the future of their city. Mayor Sheila Dixon’s connection to the community and commitment to reducing crime became the focal point of the campaign. Our ads paid tribute to the talent, heart and resilience of both the candidate and the city.